Willow is a fifteen year old girl who has been cursed by a witch. It is unknown whether this curse was broken in previous arcs, or if it still remains.

Creator: Jill

Appearance:[edit | edit source]

Chocolate brown shoulder-length hair, milky brown eyes and a few freckles dotting her face. She has the appearance of a 10 year old, because she was cursed by a witch long ago, a curse that has gone through her family for years. She's around 53 inches, or 135 centimeters. She's thin but fast, and because she's small, she's able to get into small places. Her hair is straight and silky, funny that she's never ironed it before.

Personality:[edit | edit source]

Fast and funny, sarcastic at times but a good leader. Can stay level headed in a crisis, but her feelings gets hurt easily. She depends on her friends a lot, they support her leadership and makes her more carefree. She's a sweet girl. She pretends to shrug off insults or looks most of the time; some of them really don't matter, but some of them do. And she's been hurt with words before, so is more secluded around strangers. To be a strong leader, she is learning to open up more and trust, be strong, and be a listener. She yaks a lot, but sometimes can't calm down enough to listen to other peoples' opinions, with help, she is improving. Willow isn't her real name, she lost all memory after she agreed to the curse. Her real name is Ivory Shillings, sister to Myrtile. She just remembers Myrtile is her sister, but she doesn't remember Myrtile's real name either. They are really close, and they can sense each other *see Powers and Abilities for more details*

Powers and Abilities:[edit | edit source]

Willow has the sight, meaning she can see most of what's happening in the gateway, but she doesn't necessarily know where or when it is happening. BUT when it gets to Myrtile, her sight gets really strong and it leads her to wherever Myrtile is, using an invisible force pulling her onwards. With Myrtile, she will only see now and the near future. When Myrtile is hurt, she will feel throbbing wherever Myrtile is hurt, 10 times lighter than Myrtile. So if she's hurt so badly she gasps, Myrtile might even be dying. That's how they keep their connection.

History[edit | edit source]

When they were 10, Myrtile and Willow were faced a decision: The curse. The curse has run in their family for years, pinning them to their feet. And the two girls wanted to break it. Little of their ancestors chose a similar fate: They'd rather live a poor life with many heartbreaks and hurt, physically and mentally, rather then stay 10 forever and endure eternal loneliness, never to find love.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Her sister is Myrtile.

Recent Activity[edit | edit source]

??? Location and Activity unknown.

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