Following a massive plot hole, (due to KP users leaving and coming back), the NES took a turn into a more recent arc as of August 2016-November 2016.

Cecelia & W.V. Arc Edit

The "season" which ran from August 2016 to February 2017.

Characters Edit

A girl named Cecelia arrives at Gateway Mansion in search of her mysterious friend W.V., who appears to have become a sneaky villain of malicious intent. Cecelia wants to bring him back to being the W.V. she knew, with the help of a magical, sentient staff called Aquamarine Judgement.

Her cry for help attracts the attention of the ragtag Gateway gang (or who remains as of Fall 2016). Peter, Sunset, and Echo invite her inside to listen to her situation.

Liz has gone away to school or otherwise is not present in this arc, but her brother Gary shows up to the Mansion once again with his new companion Leed after a long, fruitless search for Leed's missing parents.

The absence of his parents could be tied to W.V.! And so, the six heroes join together and try to find answers to many questions.

Where and who is W.V.?

Where have Leed's parents gone?

Will past NES characters be re-integrated into 2016's latest season/arc?

Also along for the ride are two mysterious tagalongs, Dreads and Mallory, and a boy named Kyle who might hold some of the answers!

Chaplain Institute Arc Edit

Currently running, began March 2017.

Characters Edit

Leed and Sunset find a department inside W.V.'s lab holding caged human experiments while the others are confronting W.V. Leed's parents are among the subjects! He and Sunset take back a chemical vial to help them get to the bottom of things.

Who was possessing W.V.? What is in the vial?

Hoping that the second answer will help them find the first, the group decides to seek out Liz at her school, who they think will be able to figure out what is in the vial. Its contents turn victims into orange-eyed slaves.

Meanwhile, Mallory already knows the contents of the vial-- but no one else knows that.

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