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Serena is a very goth-emo looking character in the NES, though, when called either of these two, strongly objects. She is neither emo nor goth, but something in between.

Appearance Edit

Serena has short, black hair with bleached-white ends. Her face is round and pale, framed by bangs, with plump lips that are usually coated in purple lipstick. She is a little less than average on height, and a decent weight. She always wears short, black, cupcake dresses with lacey aspects on them. She adds to the look; fishnet tights, leather ankle boots, and a large black bow in her hair.

Personality Edit

She was once very closed-off, nervous, scared and selfish, but over time has become more open and kind.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Serena can magically turn into a sleek, black feline. She also is learning the ability to manipulate shadows.

History Edit

Relationships Edit

Serena has a few relationships with other NES characters. She is very good friends with Echo. She is (iffy) friends with Minnesota, Hazel, and most others. She is Axel's girlfriend, though she hates him. And she has a crush on Saeran. 

Current Activity Edit


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