Our Goals and Objectives in the NES Edit

  • write for all the different characters and have them have distinct identities, personalities, and motivations
  • character development
  • interpersonal relationship development
  • have interesting, sensical plots and arcs
  • have the arcs be somewhat cohesive i.e. a continuing story rather than episodic happenstances

Themes of the NES, Themes of Arcs Edit

  • idk like friendship or something lol ??
  • like the group is just ragtag at the moment it seems but idk they should bond as a group or whatever
  • Family
  • More (we can discover along the way I guess)

Organizational Things That Still Need to Happen Edit

  • develop Gary and Liz
  • pages for explanations of different locations and objects and stuff?? (Like Cross Dimensional Gates and the Gateway Mansion itself)

Things That Still Need to Happen in the Current Arc Edit

  • reintroduce some of the old characters (Definite: Freak, Mallory, Gary, and Liz)
  • Introduce new characters to shake things up?
  • Figure out what the heck we are doing with the 2018 run and the plot of the first arc

Plans for Future Arcs Edit

  • eventually i will have an arc focusing on Mallory's past but not for a while
  • at some point i will introduce a character named Rava who is connected to Mallory and their past

Questions Edit

  • Which old characters are we bringing back?
  • Are we adding any new characters in this arc?
  • What are we doing with Gary and Liz's parents? Are we killing them, traumatizing both children and giving them a traumatic backstory with which to launch character development from? Are we shutting a door in their face and leaving them for the entire rest of the NES, giving the NES a potential ~Alice in Wonderland-esque~ way to end? What's happening with these parents?
  • How, if at all, are we re-introducing characters? Luna suggested that Liz and Gary go through different doors that lead to different character's home planets/dimensions, and there are backstory's on the wikia that we could use as a springboard (recycling old material, like classy writers).
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