Minnesota Soriano is the thirteen-year-old "Mistress of Illusion" and a member of the Gateway Group in 2013. Over time she's become somewhat of a leader at the mansion, though she hasn't always liked them much... and now, who's to know if she remembers them? Where is she?

Creator: Ena


Minnesota has straight, copper colored hair that goes to just above her shoulders, and her eyes very dark; she's tall at around 167 cm and has a lean, lithe build. Her skin is fair and freckles dot her face. She's often seen in baggy clothes and sneakers with an annoyed expression on her face.


She's known to be serious and moody, and definitely best described as fierce. She is stubborn and has a strong will. She's very harsh and has a dark sense of humor. She's a tsundere-- her kind side comes out when she's caring for the people of Gateway in her own way. Minnesota can be very charismatic in a way as she is very confident and willing to attack any challenge head-on, which can be a huge boost to morale.


It is noted that Minnesota's past is dark, but most of it hasn't been revealed yet. It is only known that her brother, Jaxon, once tried to kill her. It could be a major point of the storyline in the future, but might not.


She says she's not good with romance or people in general, and is a bit stiff to the others. She used to sort of hate the group, only sticking around because a) she had nowhere better to go, b) she kept getting dragged into their problems, and c) they eventually started to grow on her. Icicle is one of her few close friends, along with Willow, and she has a bit of a rivalry with Echo. She had a sort-of crush on Miles once.

Recent ActionsEdit

In the Shadows with Sam and Saeran, possible revelations of the past coming up. Update: ???

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