Mallory is certainly not human, though no one is quite sure what they are. Mallory doesn't have a gender identity the way humans do, and is baffled at the idea of it when they first encounter it. They seem to be a child, but as they are not human no one can be quite sure.

*Note that while they/them are the pronouns I usually use for Mallory, I accidentally revert to he/him on occasion. While Mallory has no gender, they don't care what pronouns are used for them. They are unused to be calling anything but "it".

Creator: Ena

Appearance Edit

Mallory has short, straight, dark pink (somewhat magenta-purplish) hair with bangs that hang in their face. They have big, dark green eyes with a ring of amber around the pupil and skin almost literally as white as snow. They stand at a height of about four feet tall and have a very slight physique. Besides the oddities in their appearance, they look like a frail first grade kid that can barely lift a dictionary.

As of their first appearance in the NES, Mallory wears an oversized knit sweater that is dark green like their eyes, along with black corduroy pants and a pair of beat-up white sneakers. It is possible they will have an outfit change when the group is hanging out at Liz's school.

They are quite gestuculative, and vocal as well. In general they are very expressive and it would appear that they are an open book.

Personality Edit

Mallory seems like a happy-go-lucky child, cheerful, clueless, and charming. They are quite trusting and naïve. They have no sense of self-preservation, though in their defense most things that pose a threat to humans don't seem to scare or affect them at all. You'd think they're an innocent, if somewhat bratty, kid upon first meeting them. Despite their inhuman appearance they seem like a normal, cute kid most of the time, and they certainly won't tell you otherwise.

Mallory is that kid who will hear something and then try to integrate it into their speech, using it as often as possible. This includes swears. Mallory also doesn't understand most human customs and figures of speech. Examples include handshakes, most human tendencies of physical contact, the phrase "how are you", sickness, and fathers. Someone help this child, they don't understand humans at all.

ALTERNATIVELY: Mallory is a smol bean.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • As of the 2016 Chaplain arc, can apparently identify toxic substances/chemicals. And possibly also consume them without being affected.
  • Has also stated that they have a lot of knowledge about dimensions.
  • Good with technology.

History Edit


Relationships Edit

None really formed as of yet, although I enjoy their interactions with Freak the most so that's something to be expanded upon.

Recent Activity Edit

Will reappear in the 2018 NES but has not yet.

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