Icicle is the oldest character on the NES, aside from Gary and Liz (of course).  She is the last winter nymph, and she is I don't know how old, but since nymphs are pratically immortal, she says she is 16.  She is also Gary's girlfriend and Minnesota's friend.

Creator: Luna


Icicle is a winter nymph, so she looks almost human, but not quite. She has long, silky white hair and striking light blue eyes that look like shards of ice. Her skin is as pale as a vampire's would be, and she is about average height and slender. She has an otherworldly beauty about her. Icicle likes to wear pastels, but will wear whatever. She carries around a dagger with her.


Nice enough, but doesn't usually go out of her way for people she doesn't know very well. She is extremely caring and gentle towards those close to her. Charismatic and charming, she can be very persuasive and bubbly but she can also give you a cold shoulder if you have done something to offend her. Icicle is cunning and smart and prefers to use her wits to her strength in any given situation. She has her own way of doing things, and isn't as willing to compromise as a lot of characters. Icicle doesn't like relying on other people or being a damsel in distress. She can be shy and unsure around people she doesn't know well. She understands when people want to be left alone and doesn't talk about her problems or whine much. Usually one of the most level headed of the group and rarely gets into fights.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As a winter nymph, she has ice powers.

History Edit

Relationships Edit

She was dating Gary, as they have not yet re-met their current relationship status is questionable.

Recent ActivityEdit

(Re)met her sister, Winter.  Wondering where in the heck Gary is. UPDATE: ???

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