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This is a wiki for the Gateway NES on KidPub (, where we shall have character files, updates, arcs, archives, and more! Seeing as posts get pushed off the NES page, we came up with this idea to keep the info! (KPers, feel free to edit and add pages on your characters and such!)


In Gateway Mansion there are many, many doors. Some lead to great and at the same time terrifying adventures. While others simply lead to darkness and storage spaces. Nevertheless, two young siblings, Gary & Liz, inhabiting Gateway Mansion never know what is around the next corner. Because, in such a topsy, turvy place, your next move, your next breath, could be your last.

Now, with the help of young authors all around the world, the chronicles of their adventures are being revealed. You, too, can take part in piecing together their Never Ending Story.

In our NES, many new characters have arrived and evolved the story, and many have left. It's been going on for many years, and I myself have been here for several of them. I guess I'm one of it's leaders, but there is so much to the NES and there are those older than I. Explore the wiki to find out more about it!Edit

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