She is a 15 year old girl who has amazing powers. She came into the story at the same time as Lupa, Hazel, and Fawn:

Creator: Luna


Chest length auburn hair with choppy bangs; her hair looks red in bright sunlight and closer to brown in the darkness, Hazel eyes with long lashes, peaches and cream skin, a smattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks. Echo is just over average height for her age and has a thin "celery" type build.


Funny, or at least she tries to be. She is confident and outgoing and won't hesitate to be friendly and be a shoulder for someone to cry or someone to talk to. She is passionate and brave and is very driven. Echo is spunky and artistic and likes music. She likes to tease people, especially Minnesota, because Minnesota and Echo don't like each other very much. Echo is always cheerful and smiling, she tries to always be the optimistic one. She definitely acts like a teenager, whether it's a good thing or not. Echo is headstrong and not always the best listener when it comes to advice. She is loyal and won't hesitate to help her friends. She is very protective of her friends. Echo isn't always the most calm person, and can have a bit of a temper sometimes.

Powers and Abilities Edit

She can turn into an arctic fox, has water powers and can sense emotions.

History Edit

Relationships Edit

Fawn is her boyfriend, Hazel is her best friend, Serena is her very good friend, and Lupa is a good friend of hers. Has a rivalry with Minnesota.

Recent ActivitiesEdit

As of the Chaplain arc she is in a room with Icicle, suffering from what appears to be a migraine and possibly a psychotic breakdown. (she's hearing voices, albeit, Hazel's voice projected to her from wherever Hazel is)

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